Dr. David Bossens, Research Fellow @TAS Hub @UoS
email: d(dot)m(dot)bossens(at)soton(dot)ac(dot)uk

Welcome to the homepage of Dr. David Bossens, post-doctoral Research Fellow employed at the University of Southampton. I am currently involved in the UKRI TAS-Hub, a multi-institute organisation which aims at cross-disciplinary insights to the problem of safe and trustworthy autonomous systems. Throughout my career, my work has looked at designing AI systems with an open mind to the various sub-disciplines. My current research interests are:

1. providing improved safety to reinforcement learning systems;

2. solving the challenges associated with changing environments;

3. understanding different use cases, risks, and interventions for safe AI; and

4. human-robot cleaning teams.

I am currently working on two projects:

  • the Trustworthy Human-Robot Teams project.
  • I am also open to collaborations with people from TAS Hub and Nodes for an upcoming project on safe AI. In particular, there is a remaining need for researchers from sociology and law to help identify use cases and their risks for safe, practical, and ethical AI.